Analysis and diagnosis of the current situation.

Designing the lobbying strategy.

Stakeholders Map.

Solid story line.

Position papers.

Implementation of the strategy.

Permanent evaluation.

Bill drafting.

Public policy:

Monitoring and permanent understanding of the government’s regulatory activity.

Particularly in topics of interest to our customers.

Strategic Relationships:

Make our clients opinion leaders with key information in the subjects of interest.

Create confidence with government authorities.

Understanding the regulatory environment that affects our customers.

Monitoring the consultation processes in CONAMER.

Participation in work meetings and discussions related to the regulation process.

Developing proposals reflecting our clients interests.

Building valuable alliances for the topics of interest.


Federal Congress.

Local Congresses.

Federal Agencies.

International Legislation.


Bill projects.

Status of the legislative process, regulatory and normative.

Documents of restricted circulation.

Political positions and opinions.

Warning System.

Executive and periodic reports, focused on our customers’ needs.

Weekly news of the legislative situation.

Minutes of the meetings of the committees of interest.

Position documents.

Special documentation for legislators.

Dossiers of political and prospective analysis.

Documents of conjunctural analysis of the topics.

Analysis and electoral follow-up.

Elaboration of Political Communication Strategies.

Media Relations Plan.

Monitoring of the main news affecting the company / association.

Development and dissemination of key messages.

Selection and training of spokespersons.

Teaching courses:

Legislative process.

Parliamentary practices.


Political news.

Effective spokespersons.

Crisis prevention.